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 “Female Big Bang” to appear in a CF with Big Bang!

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PostSubject: “Female Big Bang” to appear in a CF with Big Bang!   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:54 am

Quote :
“Female Big Bang” will make their first public appearance through a CF with Big Bang.

The team name has not been finalized yet, but they have been called as ‘Female Big Bang’, because they were administered and produced by Big Bang’s company; YG Entertainment.

The four members of ‘Female Big Bang’ will make their first appearance in a CF; according to a source on March 18th, they will be filming for a product together, and Big Bang and ‘Female Big Bang’ will sing a new song together.

The members of ‘Female Big Bang’ has been finalized to be Park Bom, Park Sandara, CL and Kong Minji.

Park Bom has appeared in Anycall CF with Lee Hyori and Lee Jungi, and Park Sandara was known to be ‘BoA of the Philippines’, and also appeared in MBC drama ‘The Comeback of Iljimae’ as a cameo.

CL is known for her rapping skills, and Kong Minji is the granddaughter of traditional Korean dancer Kong Ohk Jin.

translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz
Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@ VIPz Overseas
Pic taken from: Sookyeong

Quote :
Female Big Bang’ will take off their veil on the 18th with a CF with Big Bang

‘Female Big Bang’ will meet their fans through a CF before debuting. On top of that, it is attracting more attention because it is planned to be a CF with Big Bang.

Their team name has yet to be established, but they are under the management of YG Entertainment, which is the company of popular idol group Big Bang, and are known as ‘Female Big Bang’ online. This new female group will release their debut album in May and meet their fans formally.

However, the 4 members of ‘Female Big Bang’ will meet their fans first at a different place. That is the CF they will be doing with Big Bang.

According to entertainment news from the 18th, ‘Female Big Bang’ shot a CF of some product somewhere with Big Bang on the 18th. Big Bang has become the CF model of this product, and at the same time, ‘Female Big Bang’ became models with them. It is planned that Big Bang and ‘Female Big Bang’ will sing a new song together in this CF.

The CF ‘Female Big Bang’ and Big Bang shot together is scheduled to be televised in April at the latest.
translation credits: bigbangnyuh
credits to: bbvipz
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“Female Big Bang” to appear in a CF with Big Bang!
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